Add a Little Colour to Your Life
We’ll show you an easy way to put colour back into your cheeks –
you'll smile every time you do it.


  • Use a cream or powder blush according to your personal preference.  Cream blush should be applied after foundation and before loose powder, using clean fingers.  Apply powder blush after loose powder, with a cotton ball.
  • For the most flattering placement of blush, just smile! Then apply blush to the raised apple part of your cheek. Use small amounts; it’s easier to add colour than to remove it.


  • Using a lipliner pencil and starting in the middle of your lips, move toward corners, using soft strokes; be sure to continue the lip line into the corners of your mouth.
  • Using the side of the pencil tip rather than the point, fill in your lips to give lip colour staying power.
  • Choose a creamy moisturizing lipstick in a colour complementary to your blush.
  • To make lips look fuller, dab a little gloss on the centre of your bottom lip.






“Don’t apply blush too high on your face or too close to your nose.”


“Soft lipstick shades are more youthful than bright or darker tones.”
Monica Noel, Look Good Feel Better Volunteer Team Leader, Vancouver, British Columbia