Wig Wisdom

Wigs come in a variety of ready-made and custom-made styles and colours. They are also made out of different materials: synthetic, human hair or a blend of human and synthetic. Which is best for you?

Synthetic Hair Wigs and Blends

  • Look like human hair
  • Are easy to care for
  • Feel light and airy on your head
  • Are less expensive than human hair wigs
  • Can be ruined by heat or steam

Human Hair Wigs

  • Feel natural but are heavier than synthetic
  • Are longer lasting - a consideration for those undergoing a longer treatment process
  • Can be professionally styled like your own hair
  • Are more expensive than synthetic



“Be sure to check with your private or supplemental health insurer to determine if your hair prosthesis – your wig – is included in your coverage. All insurance and tax claims must be accompanied by a prescription for a hair prosthesis from your doctor.”


“Check with your cancer care facility to see if they provide a free wig recycling service.”