Keep It Gentle

Purchase specially formulated shampoos and conditioners, and styling products that are alcohol-free, to ensure that your wig keeps looking good.

  • Shampoo your wig every two weeks of daily wear.
  • Brush the wig to remove knots before washing.
  • Fill a basin with cool water, add a dime-size amount of wig shampoo and agitate to create suds; never put shampoo directly on the wig.
  • Hold the front of the wig in the water and gently squeeze soapy water through the cap; take care not to scrub, twist or wring the wig.
  • Rinse the wig thoroughly and towel blot excess water.
  • Finger comb to the desired shape while the wig is wet and then place it on a wire wig stand to dry; keep the wig away from direct heat.
  • All wigs need regular spray conditioning to keep hair soft and lustrous and to prevent dryness, even if your wig is not being worn.
  • Some wig technicians offer complete washing, styling and servicing of wigs at a reasonable price, for women who prefer not to do it themselves.



“Invest in either a wire or plastic wig stand. Don’t use a Styrofoam head as it doesn’t allow the wig to breathe and could stretch it.
Zain Haji, Look Good Feel Better Volunteer Hair-Alternatives Specialist, Toronto, Ontario