Score a Hat Trick

Wigs aren't the only hair alternative. Even if you’ve never been a hat person or a scarf person, you're sure to find a favourite among the many fashionable, versatile choices. Have fun experimenting with different styles, fabrics and colours.


The trick is to find the hat that’s right for your face shape:


Round: Look for hats with asymmetrical or irregular brims that roll away from the face. Steer clear of ones that hug the face or head, and hats that have a tailored look or a round crown.


This face shape also suits a hat with an asymmetrical brim, such as a hat that turns up on one side and down on the other, with a slight dip to the brim that shades the face. The hat should grace your face, drawing attention away from the width.


Flatter your oval face with a brim that turns up slightly, or one that is rolled on one side of the hat and droops down on the opposite side. Wear soft crowns that pull to one side and trimmings that are arranged asymmetrically.


A hat with a slightly drooping brim of moderate width is best suited for this shape. Look for semi-soft crowns and hats with small, soft trimmings, such as soft feathers and bows.


Sharp, Angular:
Look for medium-sized hats with slightly drooping brims that provide shadow to the face and decrease the length. Soft crowns that drape softly on one side are ideal. Avoid severe brims such as those that roll upward from the face with stiff trimmings.


Try wide-brimmed hats with a slight droop that turn up at the back or side. Avoid loose-fitting hats that may emphasize the size of the face. Hat trimmings should be small and dainty.


A small hat with a brim that turns away from the face or an upturned brim with a close-fitting back may look best. Avoid oversized, large and heavy brims and crowns that overwhelm the face.



“If you plan to wear a hat over your wig, buy your hats a size or two larger than you would normally wear.”



“Wear a scarf under your hat, and the scarf will give the illusion of hair.”