Easy on the Eyes

Our workshop volunteers will give you the tips you need to define eyes, re-create lost eyebrows and make thinning lashes look thicker.


 Here's how to determine where your brow should begin, arch and end:


1. To find where your eyebrow should begin, place the pencil straight against your nose, parallel to the inside corner of your eye and draw a dot.

2. To determine the placement of your arch, place the pencil parallel to the outside of the iris and draw a dot.

3. To find where your eyebrow should end, place the pencil diagonally from the bottom corner of your nose past the outside corner of your eye and draw a dot.

4. Connect the dots using feather-like strokes of colour, making the brow fuller on the inside corner and thinner as it moves toward the outside of your eye.


1. Choose neutral, matte eyeshadow shades. Use two shades: one medium and one darker.

2. Sweep the lighter shade over the entire lid from eyelash line to eyebrow area.

3. Apply the deeper colour in the crease, moving to the outer corner of your lid and back along the lash line to the iris, in a sideways ‘V.’

4. Blend well with a cotton swab to soften the effect.


1. Using a pencil liner, draw small dots along your lash line; dots should be slightly smaller toward the inner corner of your eye and larger toward the outer corner.

2. Starting from the outer corner of the eye, connect dots along the lash line and use a cotton swab to blend gently, or smudge with a deeper shade of eyeshadow to set and soften the look of the pencil.



1. Pull the wand out of the tube without pumping, and apply mascara to upper and lower lashes.


“For a natural looking eyebrow, use two shades of eyebrow pencil and blend lightly with a cotton swab.”
Celine Gauthier, Look Good Feel Better Volunteer Team Leader, Montreal, Quebec


“Refrain from pumping the mascara wand in the tube as this dries out mascara and may introduce bacteria.”