Heads Up

During your cancer treatment, you may lose all of your hair, your hair may become thin and patchy, or you may not lose any hair at all. Almost always, hair loss is temporary and hair grows back after treatments end.


From a new-you wig to a fashion-forward hat or scarf, we can suggest some beautiful hair alternatives:



*As seen in the 2010 Look Good Feel Better Magazine, p.6 


If you can’t find a hat that’s right for you – then why not try your hand at knitting one! Besides the therapeutic effect that knitting can have, ask any knitter and they’ll tell you that the benefit of this craft is already well known: it’s relaxing. So, why not have some fun, unwind and make yourself (or someone you love) something you can be proud of? Try the pattern for this lace-edged women’s hat which can double as a “chemo cap”.


Reproduced with permission of Danier Leather 





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